This year is the time for you to review what’s inside your closet and update your wardrobe. The latest fashion trend for this year is metallic shades, washed skinny jeans, pleated skirt and bold accessories. Actually, it is not a must for you to always go with the flow. Fashion is all about being comfortable and happy with what you are wearing.

Metallic Shades

Going with metallic shades of skirts, blazers and dresses is a good choice especially for women because these shades can complement other items inside your wardrobe. You can match a metallic colored blazer with a neutral colored top and a dark denim jean and you are all set. This is not a bad idea for this year’s fashion trend because metallic colors and very versatile.

Bold Accessories

Wearing bold accessories can create a new look and style to your old clothes. By wearing colorful beaded bracelet or necklace can make you look very fashionable and trendy. There is no definite rule when it comes to wearing bold accessories. Adding accessories with your wardrobe can make your clothes look current and in style.

Washed Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans will never be out of style. It can make you look flattering for as long as you choose a flattering top together with your skinny jeans. If you want to look fabulous while wearing skinny jeans, you need to wear long and loose top that will fall just below the hips. Skinny jeans can show of your curves so dark washed skinny jeans is the best to hide some flaws.

Pleated Skirts

Buying pleated skirts this year is a good investment for the future. You can wear pleated skirts during summer and winter so it is a nice idea to buy some. During summer you can wear your pleated skirt together with a sleeveless top and during winter you can wear it with stockings. This skirt also looks best with boots, sandals, flops and flat shoes.

By having metallic colored clothes, bold accessories, skinny jeans and pleated skirts inside your closet will make you look better this year. Always remember to wear comfortable clothes above all. It is best if you will fit the clothes first before buying them to know if it is comfortable to wear or not. These new fashion trends can suit any body type of shape for as long as they choose the right style and size for them.

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