Models never get out of fashion no matter how long they are in the industry of modeling; they are still very in demand on the stage. Many companies are still clamoring to hire these best models of all time despite of their age. Modeling is not about age, but it is about experience and how you carry clothes when you’re on the floor. Maybe you are thinking why? Because these models have staying power and wisdom of how they can fully project the clothes that they are wearing in a right manner. People want to see them and still admire them for being fashionable and beautiful. The following are best supermodels of all time.

  Christy Turlington- she is a successful women and a successful housewife for her husband and two kids. She designs her own line of clothes for yoga. She value education for she is enrolled at Columbia University taking up her Master’s degree in Public Health.

  Linda Evangelista- she instantly appeared on Vogue magazine as a cover girl after three years off after she gave birth to her son Augustin. She can still be seen together with her rival Naomi Campbell in DSquared ads and as a face for the famous brand L’Oreal Paris.

  Tatjana Patitz- in 2009 she was chosen by Karl Lagerfeld for the popular Chanel Cruise 2010 and Jean Paul Gaulthier for the famous brand of bag Hermes. You will be seeing more of her everywhere as she stay as one of the in demand models for popular brands.

  Christy Brinkley- after she undergone a publicized divorce, she came back to hit the center stage again as a Covergirl. She does not lose her elegance and grace after her failed marriage.

  Veronica Webb- this supermodel is smart, elegant and sassy. She is the face of Liz Claiborne and Isaac Mizrahi. This model can prove that she got the brain and the body.

  Naomi Campbell- list of supermodels would be incomplete without Naomi Campbell. This supermodel is not just a pretty face because she is the very first black women to appear on the cover of British French Vogue and Time Magazine. She is one of the most famous supermodels in the world.

The life of a supermodel is not all about glitz and glamour because they are also facing different problems in life, but they remain poise, confident and smart as they face life’s challenges.

Special Edition : Age is Not A Limiting Factor For Achievement

The celebrity life will always keep one being a mentor, envied by many, there is always a trend that is taken in the positive and negative to many all these factor will no halt the creeping of old age to tick. The more the celebrities approach the said life begins at forty there are those whose vision and dream become clearer and realized, wealth sets in, for others beauty sets in glow day in day out. Top Celebrities Who Keep Getting Better with Age the like of Brad Pitt him being in the top list of most handsome celebrities’ drives a number of his fans wild. In his career, the sky is not the limit he is still stretching further to leave a mark. Leonardo Dicaprio since he took the action of the famous Titanic he has never seized to be in the top notch of his acting career. In the list of the most handsome male celebrities being an actor and producer, his age has not limited his vision and abilities to push to the top.

Robert Downey the wine ages so is the sweetness he has shown it’s not the time to coil in a cocoon of old age he is still motivated to make it work in his career. Will Smith from the tender age of being into music and then into acting professional despite aging not giving him a chance he seems to have not changed on his looks. Jennifer Aniston she can shout from the mountain to aging is not my portion despite the age brackets. Julia Robert despite the age brackets her looks get better each and every moment of her life. Angelina Jolie her age is not a limiting factor to glowing beauty despite being involved in varies cares for human combined with acting she is not aging any soon. Since her role in the block buster Tomb Raider, the actress hasn’t stopped her career. The movie has since been turned into a video games, books and online casino games with the slot machine Tomb Raider. If you want to check this game out, click on

Model News

Models in Vegas

Las Vegas has always been known as a great place for star spotting and mingling with gorgeous people but this weekend is extra special. The Bellagio Casino is going to be the backdrop for a top designer’s stunning photo shoot. It’s been reported the shoot will be set amongst the casino games in the main hall. The French designer has admitted to getting his inspiration from the French casinos en ligne with some of the garments featuring colourful casino chips. I wonder if the crew will be given a bonus to use at the virtual tables of a casino online afterwards.

Miss Universe 2010

Miss Universe 2010 was crowned last night at the popular Mandalay Bay Casino. The 22-year-old Miss Mexico was awarded the prestigious title as her friends and family cheered from the crowd. In her final question she had to explain to what effect the internet, including online casinos have on young people of today.

The Face of Casino Rewards

The successful online casino loyalty program, Casino Rewards, is looking for someone to be the new face of their website! It hasn’t been confirmed yet but rumours are flying around that it’s actually going to be French model who likes to play casino en ligne. I wonder who it could be! The last model was an English girl whose favourite was the UK casino – UK Casino Club. In the meantime should you want to enjoy playing online casinos, check out where you will find a wide range of online casinos and games.

America’s Next Top Model Scanadal

Host Tyra Banks recently had to apologize for an “America’s next top model” ad in which a very skinny contestant was talking to the judges. The ad has been criticize because it promotes a poor body image and is trying to get more viewers by gushing over the girl’s tiny waist. In the “People” magazine Banks apologized and said the ad was not very well edited and that she did not see it before it went out. I guess it achieved its goal and created lots of publicity, maybe not just the one the show was hoping for.

Germany’s Next Top Model is looking for Sponsors

While in America the show made headlines because of an ad it released, in Germany many companies are trying to become a sponsor of the popular reality program “Germany’s next top model”. A famous online casino has offered to sponsor the opening party in a casino where all guests receive a casino bonus to start playing. The event will be filmed and broadcast live. Furthermore, the models have the chance to become part of a huge marketing campaign run by several different companies including online casino sites.

Top Models seen at Casino Gala

Many stars and celebrities went to one of the most glamorous nights of the year. A new casino has been opened in Las Vegas and the celebrities did not wait long to go and check it out. Some of the most famous top models have been invited to do a cat walk show as part of the opening. They also worked as Croupiers and helped out guests. To practice for this task they where ask to train a bit before hand while playing at a casino online. Casino Classic offered specific help to all participants and gave out bonuses, so people could play for free and practice their games. Casino Classic is a famous online casino which is popular all over the world and has reaped lots of prizes. It is the preferred online casino for many including the celebrities.

More than a Model

When asked what she does in between shoots, famous model Lara Stone replied, “I play Mac casino games of course!”. This girl isn’t just a pretty face, apparently she’s a killer on the blackjack tables too! Many celebrities like to play a round or two at a casino in Las Vegas. Often casinos organize red carpet charity events which many like to attend. Often they are events to launch online casino games UK. One of the most recent events was the release of the revised version of the Lord of the Rings slot. You can only imagine how many celebrities attended this huge event! There was all the stars of the movie and then friends of those stars. If you play at a casino in Vegas have a look around you might see one or the other celebrity around.