Best Super Models of All Times

Models never get out of fashion no matter how long they are in the industry of modeling; they are still very in demand on the stage. Many companies are still clamoring to hire these best models of all time despite of their age. Modeling is not about age, but it is about experience and how […]

Hot, Hot, Hot – which supermodel is the hottest?

There are lots of models in this world but not all of them can call themselves supermodels. It’s only an elite group that make it over the line to deserve this title by excelling on the catwalk, magazines and other endeavours. Among them is the Brazilian beauty Gisele, the gorgeous German Heidi, the appealing Aussie […]

Hottest Fashion Trend for this Year

This year is the time for you to review what’s inside your closet and update your wardrobe. The latest fashion trend for this year is metallic shades, washed skinny jeans, pleated skirt and bold accessories. Actually, it is not a must for you to always go with the flow. Fashion is all about being comfortable […]

Famous Supermodels Are More than Just Pretty Faces

Ever since the advent of print advertising, supermodels have been used to grab consumer attention and trick us into actually enjoying looking at ads. But throughout history, the most successful models haven’t been content to just be thought of as a pretty face or a clothes hanger. Instead, they’ve used their modeling success to launch […]